What are you doing with your ‘who viewed my LinkedIn profile’ information?

Want to know how to leverage this data to find potential customers who have shown interest in your business or industry?

…if you’ve been ignoring this feature because it seems like just another piece of information that is irrelevant then you’re going to love this simple hack that generates consistent leads.

Can’t See Who Viewed Your Profile on LinkedIn?

To find out who has viewed your LinkedIn profile in the last 90 days you need to have a premium LinkedIn account. The premium account is currently only £24.98 and is a great investment if you are serious about generating leads for your business.

Profile Viewing Options

Once you have the premium account take a look at who viewed your LinkedIn profile.

How to See Who Has Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Click on your ‘me icon’ (or your profile picture if you have uploaded a profile photo already)
  3. Scroll down to ‘My Dashboard’ (which is only viewable in private mode)
  4. Click on the number of people who have viewed your profile
  5. If you have a free LinkedIn account there will be up to 5 days of data available
  6. If you have a premium account this profile feature will show 90 days of data

‘Who Viewed My LinkedIn Profile’ for Free?

If you for some reason choose not to get the premium account, thankfully, you can get started with LinkedIn for free, which will still enable you to see the last five days worth of people who viewed your LinkedIn profile.

Free LinkedIn Membership vs Premium LinkedIn Account

Being the best job-related networking platform in the world it’s amazing that LinkedIn offers a free account to users.

Profile Picture

However, if you are looking for ways to grow your business and generate leads with LinkedIn or find new customers who have demonstrated interest in your industry then it’s worth investing £24.98 a month into creating an account that will get results every time you log on.

If you are weighing up the pros and cons of whether or not to take the leap and go for the premium then it may be an idea to look at the full benefits LinkedIn Premium offers.

Make Money From Knowing Who Has Visited Your LinkedIn Homepage…

You’re probably wondering how this one feature has literally made companies millions of pounds?

Imagine you owned a shop and anyone could enter into this shop from all over the world and you didn’t have to be there.

Linkedin Profile Views Shop Analogy

The shop is open 24/7 and you had the opportunity of knowing all the personal details of every individual that showed an interest in your business in the past 3 months even if they didn’t buy anything.

Would you invest £24.98 a month to have access to this information?

I’m sure you can see where this is going…

Take Advantage of the Low Hanging Fruit for Quick Wins

If someone clicks on your profile picture (or your me icon if you don’t have one yet!), they have essentially just told you that “for some reason, I’m interested in you”. If they have viewed your profile then they are probably interested in who you are, who your business is or what it does.

Social Network Profile Photo

If they have viewed your profile page on LinkedIn chances are that this person has an interest in the industry you operate within… so why not take advantage of this?

Taking advantage of the low hanging fruit is the key to quick success, it’s often missed by business owners who are looking for ‘big wins’. Be patient and there will be big payoffs!

Ok, now you know why the who has viewed my LinkedIn profile feature is important and how it can help generate leads – what next?

A Consistent Flow of Warm Inbound Leads…At the Click of a Button

Consistency is the key to success. Once you have set up who has viewed your profile so it emails, or notifies you daily – every time someone looks at your LinkedIn account you will receive an email saying who this person is and their full contact details…

Email Showing Additional Information

Yes, this includes name, the company they work for/are employed by as well as phone number! (You can set up this feature with a free account too)

This is arguably the most valuable LinkedIn feature that is missed by so many business owners. Consistent leads every day for free, MISSED.

Why This Feature is Dream for Your Marketing Team!

Your marketing team can now spend more time doing the things they are good at, i.e creating content to market your business with and less time searching through LinkedIn search results…

This ‘who viewed your profile’ feature is a dream for marketing teams who are sick of cold calling/emailing companies who say no! Only interested prospects will look at your profile so it makes it easier to target who your business is marketing too.

View Profile

The LinkedIn Member Persona

You should have a good idea of who you are scanning for, who are your ideal LinkedIn members to talk to? What niche are you looking for? What age range, demographics etc.?

Have all this ready when you are scanning through the who viewed your profile feature.

Asking yourself these questions can help to focus on who it is that you want to look at your profile. It’s essentially free advertising! If they have viewed your LinkedIn account then there has been some sort of interest so it’s a good idea to reach out!

Can People See You if YOU View THEM on LinkedIn?

Yes! Remember that this profile feature displays you in other people’s weekly viewer insights too though!

Premium users can even catch you for checking them out 3 months ago…

Have you ever thought it a coincidence that someone contacted you just after you had been browsing their profile? You’re not in private mode when you’re browsing and you will be saved automatically; you might just end up being a lead for someone else…

New Job Opportunity From Linkedin Views

However, You can change your own privacy settings and can control who will see if you’ve viewed their profile by updating your profile viewing options.

How to View Profiles Anonymously

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Click ‘Settings and Privacy’.
  3. On the left rail, you will see ‘Visibility’
  4. Change your visibility to private mode.

How to Massively Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views for More Opportunities

You will notice when viewing your dashboard in a private mode that this who viewed your profile feature also shows you a line graph showing trends over the last few months.

If you want to really have an impact and get the maximum results from this LinkedIn app you need to be creating quality content on LinkedIn. This is going to bring more people to your profile who are interested in who you are, who your business is and what it does.

Profile Depends On Content

Yes, this includes articles that end up on the LinkedIn home page – these get thousands of views!

If you want to see results with who has viewed my LinkedIn profile make sure high-quality content is being shared regularly. This will be the best way to skyrocket your profile views.

We have generated thousands through people who’ve viewed our profile…(LinkedIn premium has paid off multiple times over)

The Cost of Not Leveraging Who Viewed Your Profile

If you are a business owner and working with the LinkedIn basic account or just not making use of the personalized insights available to you in the premium then you are making a big mistake.

You are missing out on who is looking at your profile, who you can reach out to and do business with and the most obvious connection requests that you should be making.

Extra Features Missed

The cost is massive and the chance of more business is severely limited by not doing so! In fact, I can bet that if you have been on LinkedIn for over a month now then you have already lost out on thousands of pounds and tons of market feedback depending on your niche.

Your marketing team needs this data!

Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Page is Optimised BEFORE You Reach Out

A similar major mistake to not using the feature is to be sending prospects to a partially anonymous profile with limited information, a grainy profile pic, confusing messaging and poor brand identity.

Maximum Opportunity From Click View Profile

Before you even think of who has looked at your LinkedIn account make sure that your profiles are 100% optimised. If you would like an expert to optimise your LinkedIn profile for you then click here.

How to Message Your New Warm Inbound Leads

Okay, so you’ve got some warm inbound leads that you know have taken interest in your profile…now it’s time to message them and start a conversation.

Be clear who you are messaging and what the purpose is in your first message – don’t come across as spammy or needy!

You should have a fresh piece of content that you know your prospect is going to love. As an example, if you are in the marketing industry and your prospect has viewed your profile then send them a link to this blog post!

I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

Here’s an example message:

“Hi [first name],

We understand more and more companies are turning to digital tactics in today’s environment, many marketers are thinking about how to make their content stand out on LinkedIn.

If you’re thinking about promoting a webinar, check out this infographic giving best practices on how to drive higher registration rates and increase engagement and profile views on LinkedIn.

Would you be interested in learning how to Win with Webinars on LinkedIn?”

The aim of the game here is to provide your profile visitors with something you know will be helpful and of some value to them, for free, as a kind, friendly person.

NO SALES talk! No affiliate link, NO mentioning job titles in that cheesy way that spammy salesman do.


Top Tip: Save Time by Having a Virtual Assistant to Message Them For You

Once you have a lot of people that have viewed your profile it can take a lot of time to send a message to everyone who looks at your profile.

Maybe you don’t have the hours in the day, maybe you are just not very good with cold outreach messages…whatever it is I think we can all agree that having an extra pair of hands would be beneficial when contacting prospects who visit your LinkedIn profile.

Fresh Leads on AutoPilot

There is an unlimited number of benefits to delegating out this work to a virtual assistant or a member of your team. In the same time period, you can be working on more important tasks while your profile viewers are turning into business opportunities on autopilot.

Why the Job Title Matters

Not everyone who viewed your profile is an opportunity, however! If you see a hiring manager or the name and headline of friends and family, totally anonymous profiles, or recent viewers who have accidentally clicked on your profile…these probably aren’t going to lead to a sale.

(Some people just enjoy stalking people too, which is helpful to know!)

The Job title is a key metric and your biggest opportunities will be decision-makers. Look out for these and make sure you have some good messaging crafted to resonate with them.

Make it a Daily Ritual for Maximum Results

Leveraging the ‘who viewed your profile’ data should be a daily ritual for you and your business. Keep a record of your positive responses, negative responses and lessons learned so you can improve your strategy going forward.

Keep things fresh and try different approaches, hopefully you will reach those who haven’t already seen some of the content that you share on LinkedIn every day!


We all know that “ideas are cheap, execution is everything”

It’s all good knowing that loads of prospects viewed your profile but how many of you are actually turning these leads into sales?

Whether you have a LinkedIn basic account and only have access to up to five results or you have a premium membership and have access to a 90-day goldmine…today is the day to start leveraging this neat little trick and adding more revenue to your bottom line!



Who Viewed My Linkedin Profile

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