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Samuel Curtis, generated £7,500 in cases submitted within 9 weeks


“I have been buying leads for around 5 years while working for a few different companies, as most people know in the mortgage broker space it is really hard to find a good lead generation partner.

There is a lot of lead generation companies that claim to be able to generate high quality leads and most of the time as most established brokerage will know it is not always the case and generally the leads are of a lower quality at a premium price.

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The Results

I have been working with My Lead Machine for just under 3 months now, and they have been nothing but top notch. They are always on hand when ever I need them. 

The greatest thing though has to be the quality of the leads that come through, the conversion rates have been far above what we have ever experienced before, we have gone from 10% averagely to 30%+ conversions from brought in business. 

They provide pre-qualified appointments that have already spoken to a person that are of a far higher quality than any leads we have ever dealt with before.

the delivery system that they have created is also very user friendly and is super easy to use and links directly with my calendar giving me more time than I knew possible.


We have been busier than ever but the appointments we receive from My Lead Machine give me a lot of time back that I used to use on having to cold call leads.”


Benefit 1

30%+ Conversions: We have been exceeding consistently higher than 30% conversions on sat appointments, not every lead goes ahead straight away but our pipeline is getting filled with high quality leads all the time.


Benefit 2

Saved time: We are busier than ever but because of the nature of having appointments booked directly in to my diary it gives me far more freedom to focus on more higher income generating activities.


Benefit 3

Filled Pipeline: Because we are only speaking to qualified people it is meaning that our pipeline is being filed with prospects that are actually able to go ahead and generate the business revenue. We can actually rely on this source of business which is rare for paid lead sources.

The Process

The difference between a lead and an appointment is like night and day, with a lead you have to put in so much work to actually convert the lead in to a sale.

With an appointment you are speaking to someone who knows who you are, why they are speaking to you and are actually qualified for a mortgage. There is no more cold calling and speaking to people with bad credit, no deposits or just looking for free info etc. 

It also means that the longer term conversions are far higher than leads.

  • Lead Generation 78% 78%
  • Digital Marketing 90% 90%
  • Conversion Optimisation 68% 68%

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