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Before I started working with Sean and the team I was buying leads from another company, it was going okay. The biggest problem is that they were not reliable you could have a bad month of leads and that would be terrible for the cash flow.

So far with the appointments from Myleadmachine the flow of good opportunities has been steady and I am able to rely on the quality and consistency of the appointments, which is a game changer for me.

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Well the service from Myleadmachine has been different to what I have experienced before, whenever I have brought leads or had outside marketing help the work I have had to put in is considerable. The difference using Myleadmachine is that the opportunities that they give me are pre-qualified, they know they are speaking to me, I know what their real situation is before even speaking to them.

When I have used other companies I have found that the inquiries a lot of the time where bogus, they didn’t have the money, where time wasters and the list is as long as my arm. It does help that I am writing business 6 weeks in which any broker will know is quite rare to be getting a quick return on mortgage leads, our pipeline is looking really healthy too which is great.


Super easy to work with

Sean and the team are really great, they are really supportive and give support when needed which isn’t much really.


Over delivered

Sean is nothing but professional. His ideas for the business and his collaborative approach with his clients sets him heads and tails above most marketers. looking forward to working with Sean for a long time.


Far more time for higher income generating activities

I am not each day having to waste time on calling leads that I am not 100% sure they are going to answer. My diary has a very healthy amount of appointments in every week, I work around them and it gives me more time to work on my business and essentially grow it, which is what I want.

The Process

All I have had to do is pay my monthly fee, the guys have done everything else. They give me access to opportunities that really I would have to sift through lots of rubbish leads to get to. It saves me valuable time, gives more motivation and makes my job so much easier and as a business owner is great.

  • Lead Generation 78% 78%
  • Digital Marketing 90% 90%
  • Conversion Optimisation 68% 68%

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