Case Study: Walker Associates £3,418 in mortgage applications within 2 weeks of recieving appointments


“I have been a mortgage broker for over 30 years and I have been relying on referrals for all of that time because I do a good job and my clients keep coming back.

I have tried many different forms of marketing to get leads in the past, having a website, doing local ad’s you name I thought I had done it. Every strategy I have used in the past has worked to some extent but has never been so successful that I have wanted to carry on with it and I have thought the investment has been worth it.

I even brought leads at one point from a company and I actually brought 200 leads all in all with them and I literally got nothing back from it. I was almost having to cold call the leads also it really was not an experience that I liked and I had sworn off buying leads of any form again.

Day 2 Sales Of 1099

The Results

“I have not been working with Sean, Oliver and the team at Myleadmachine for long and we have done really well. Within the first 3 weeks of working together I have going through £3,418 worth of business. I really did not think using the system Sean and the team have created would be this effective I don’t know what they are doing but I hope they keep this up it’s a great service and I would recommend it to any other brokers.”


Revenue generated

“£3,418 within 3 weeks of receiving appointments and I had a few days off receiving appointments.”


Crazy amounts of time saved

“When I brought leads before I was on the phone lots trying to qualify people that weren’t ever going to buy, trying to get them on the phone. I literally had appointments booked in for me when they were available and when I didn’t have other commitments saving me tons of time.”


Great return on investment

“I have seen an instant return on investment, I know the applications are going through which is so different to what I am used to when buying any inquiries.”

The Process

“It’s been great working with Sean and the team, they have been great. The appointments that I have received have been what was promised and more. The people I have been speaking to have been qualified, they have gone through quite a lot of their situation already so when I speak to them I have a good idea on how I am going to help them and the best advice to give.

I really am impressed with the results so far and I have even had to expand my business to cope with all the new inquiries.”


  • Lead Generation 78% 78%
  • Digital Marketing 90% 90%
  • Conversion Optimisation 68% 68%

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