You know that conversion rates are important.

In fact, they are the most important metric for your mortgage broker website. If visitors to your website don’t convert into buyers, then what’s the point in having a website?

Marketing Services For Mortgage Brokers

But how can you increase conversions on your site?

I’m going to share with you 6 easy website design techniques you can implement right away to get more conversions…

#1 Add Testimonials, Reviews and Case Studies

Recent studies show that 94 per cent of respondents stated that positive reviews made them more likely to use a business…

While 92 per cent said that negative reviews made them less likely to support a local business.

Potential Clients Related To Business Reviews Data

It may surprise you how many mortgage brokers aren’t including recent social proof of their services at the top of their websites? I hope that’s not you!

Show off your amazing mortgage deals that you have secured for other clients.

Tips for Testimonials

When displaying your testimonials on your website, keep them short, easy to skim read and put star ratings next to them…it’s a psychological thing.

When people see those 5 stars it evokes trust and credibility, you can read more about that here.

Mortgage Customers Satisfaction Five Star Testimonials

Mortgage brokers need this when competing with banks and all of the other 5,000+ brokerages in the UK according to Money Marketing.

Tips for Reviews

The most popular reviews platform in the mortgage lending industry is Trustpilot. Rack up your reviews with Trustpilot and then display them near the top of your website to make sure people don’t miss them! A BIG mistake often made by companies is not leveraging the reviews platforms to gain trust, resulting in losing out on conversions.

Trustpilot For Mortgage Brokers

If people don’t trust you they are unlikely to choose you over your competitors.

Tips for Case Studies

The best social proof to have on your website is in the form of case studies with a video. If you include the video’s on your front page your conversions will be guaranteed to skyrocket leading to more mortgage deals.

#2 Make Your Call-to-Actions Bold, Active and Clear

Often one of the most overlooked elements in website design in general, not only in the mortgage industry is a strong Call to Action button, Adespresso has a great article on this if you want to know more.

Examples of CTA Copy

Any company providing marketing services to a mortgage broker should emphasise the importance of getting your copy right to increase conversions. You need to provoke emotion and enthusiasm.

This includes your words displayed on the button calling them to action. To get people to take action in the financial services industry you need to be strong and not passive.

For example, which button are you more likely to click?

  1. Submit
  2. ‘START NOW’

Number 2 evokes emotion, getting people excited to start the buying process which leads to the response, whereas number one is passive and slightly confusing. Don’t make your potential buyers think too much…make them act URGENTLY!

Choosing Your Colours Carefully

As a general rule, anything which is linked to emotion is linked to conversions. This includes colour! There is amazing psychology behind colour, you want to utilise this to the best of your ability and pick the right colours for the buttons on your mortgage broker website.

Colour can evoke certain feelings and emotions in people that you may not be aware of, so it is important to know what you are using and why.

Take a look at some of these examples of different colours used for evoking different emotions.

Chart Showing Importance Of Website Colours For Mortgage Brokers

#3 Add Live Chat to Your Mortgage Broker Website for Scalable FAQ Mortgage Advice

A live chat integrated into your website design can be great for giving mortgage advice and answering FAQs with a chatbot.

Don’t let people drop off on the other side of your website, keep them engaged and take action and show you have a great support team. Give it a try, you won’t regret it…

Mortgage Customer Services Chatbot For Higher Conversion

3 Recommended WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

There’s a lot of chat plugins out there for WordPress websites, but for a mortgage broker, we would recommend these ones for taking your website services and user experience to the next level.

  1. Zendesk Chat
  2. LiveChat
  3. Olark

Scaling Your Customer Service

The way we advise mortgage advisers to go the extra mile and provide extraordinary value leading to more sales is by honing in on their customer service.

Being in the mortgage industry I’m sure you are aware there are a lot of questions on buyers minds. Great marketing services is linked to great customer service.

Mortgage Setup Fee Frequently Asked Question

If you can answer a lot of these questions at scale with a chatbot you are going to be the mortgage broker people come back to. You will also save yourself a ton of time and find more people engaged in your mortgage-related content and complimenting your support team.

#4 Remove any Distractions Not Related to Financial Services

Not only is it bad for SEO (search engine optimisation) to have your website filled with irrelevant content, but you will also see your conversions suffering.

Mortgage advisers should be aware that when people come to your website they are looking for information about mortgages.

Distractions On Mortgage Adviser Website

It’s surprising how many websites have distractions that are just taking up space. Know your target audience and fill your landing pages and websites with quality content that will appeal to them.

Lose the Jargon, it Won’t Convert

Writing 1500 words about stamp duty calculators isn’t interesting to anyone that’s looking for the best deal on a house.

Make sure your website reflects your target audience and that dream project they have wanted to invest in for years, not your mortgage advisers boardroom. Remove any jargon that is over the top and unnecessary to guarantee more conversions.

#5 Cut the Mortgage Brokers Lingo

Being a mortgage adviser you will also have a lot of inside languages, this isn’t always a good thing to display on the front of your website.

Save your lingo for those who want to dig a bit deeper, you can include it in the inside pages of your site and link to them throughout the site as ‘more info’ buttons.

When people come to your website they want a fast, simple and easy experience that is going to get them the right information.

Easy Customers Experience For Website Conversions

Remember they are looking for a mortgage broker they can trust who will get to know them on a personal level (this is usually the reason why people don’t go straight to banks for a mortgage).

If You Confuse You Lose

Semi bespoke sites for mortgage brokers usually have a lot of confusing, vague copy included on the homepage. We believe that simplicity wins every time and always will produce more leads for your brokerage.

The clarity in your marketing materials is going to be a key element in your lead generation success.

Semi Bespoke Sites With Clarity

Personal Always Wins

It’s amazing how much power there is in the smiling, welcoming friendly face of the company right at the top of your website.

Personality is important for any website design project, but particularly for a mortgage broker company. Your website services should be as welcoming as if you were serving your clients in the office.

#6 Include Creative Services for Your Potential Buyers That Provide Value

A great example of a simple and cost-effective lead generator you could include on your website is a mortgage cost calculator (stamp duty calculators work well too).

You can get all kinds of calculators for your website here.

Dream Project Tools For Website Conversions On Codecanyon

Provide a free service that will allow the potential buyer to estimate their costs and it will save you time and provide the buyer with some value immediately for free.

This is also a great way to increase search engine optimisation, as calculators are proven to get a lot of backlinks as the page will likely be shared around social media.


In conclusion, if your website landing pages aren’t converting and you are not seeing the results you would like to, before investing in a new website… first, just take the time to implement these 5 simple strategies.

If you don’t know anything about website design and would like us to take a look and see what we can do for you, just give us a call…

Mortgage Broker Website

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