How to convert more mortgage leads on the same marketing budget


It can take weeks to get a mortgage lead in to the position to become a booked appointment.

You could be talking to a prospect one minute and the next it’s time for them to go, you thank them for their time and get ready to move on. You’ve actually wasted your time!

In time you’ll find that there’s been no value in these cold calls because if someone hasn’t got time for you right now then they are not worth speaking to, the fact is they could turn out to be a good case but the time you actually have to invest to get these leads qualified and the bad leads you have to go through is ridiculous!

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You spend 90% of your time talking to people who aren’t in the market, qualify them and then move onto someone else who isn’t in the market. This is the day to day living that most mortgage brokers deal with, it’s not sales or making money, it’s a waste of time!

When you qualify a lead and they aren’t in the market, that’s it! You’ve lost them and you won’t be able to sell them anything, they could not have a deposit, bad credit, looking for free advice, not have been in the country for long etc and the list goes on of reasons why a case may not proceed.

If your business is about selling mortgage solutions then this could be hurting your business.

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If you click with your prospect and they tell you all about their personal situation the mortgage is actually only a small part of what’s going on in their lives.

There is so many different factors to take in to account and frankly you can only find that out on the phone, this is why you need to have someone that can actually qualify the leads for you spending their time finding all of these little things out that actually will make all the difference in getting a case over the line.

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You need to break down those barriers that all prospects have before speaking to anyone, taking away the time wasted and getting you the mortgage broker back to giving advice and selling protection which is what really makes you money.

Having pre-qualified booked appointments in your diary so that when you call the prospect they are expecting your call and have already received communication personally from you, meaning the call is coming from a completely different place of interruption to expected and welcomed!

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You know what prospects are like on the phone, they spend their time beating around the bush and all you want is them to get to the point.

So it makes sense for most busy mortgage brokers to outsource their leads or at least outsource this part of mortgage broking (qualifying) because if your business is about selling mortgage products and protection then that’s what you need to be doing rather than wasting time qualifying people.

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