If you’re a mortgage broker, then the chances are you spend far too much of your time and energy attempting to secure high quality mortgage leads.

Mortgage leads cost time and money to develop and qualify, but there are ways to reduce the costs, grab potential customers and find new clients once you understand the best way to access large volumes of great contacts.Lead For Mortgages

High Quality Mortgage Leads for Mortgage Brokers

Successful lead generation for mortgage brokers is, essentially, the process of identifying and building a relationship with mortgage customers and nurturing that relationship to the point where a sale is completed and fees or commission are earned.

With such a lot of competition and challenge in the mortgage market, mortgage brokers have to be creative in the ways they generate leads. Larger agencies might run this operation entirely in-house, using their own specialist teams with experience in generating leads. Equally, they might outsource elements of the process or even buy mortgage leads to maximise their chances of success.Quality Leads

However, smaller brokers will have to manage this process themselves, which can mean lots of trial and error, wasted time and a poor return on investment. Buying mortgage leads can be hit and miss, and small mortgage brokers don’t have the time or money to waste.

So how can you generate mortgage leads, connect with new customers, handle more enquiries and take your business to the next level? Here are 3 quick tips for generating leads that will make you money…

1. Win at Social Media and Build a Consumer Facing Website

Your Social Media Must Convey Reliability and Authority

Unless they already have a relationship with you, then potential customers, from first time buyers to landlords looking for commercial mortgages, are going to want your online presence to convey professionalism, authority and success.

After all, how can you expect to attract the highest quality mortgage leads if a prospective client can’t engage with your business and see the value you will add to their application in advance?

Leads From Social Media

With established social media feeds on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, you can establish your credentials and celebrate successes beyond your network. Engage regularly with existing customers and mortgage advisers, offer independent advice and develop a steady flow of followers and enquiries.

It’s a lot of work, but approaching it consistently and systematically will pay dividends with buyers looking to get onto the property ladder.

Your Website is a Lead-Generating Machine

An effective way to develop first time buyer leads is to make sure that your company website is attractive, functional and SEO-rich. Take the time to work with a web designer to ensure that your site has a balance between visual impact, useability and direction. If search engines can find you, then buyers looking for a UK mortgage are far more likely to reach out to you.

Partnering with an online mortgage advisor will allow you to establish not only the right credentials, but to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. You should also make sure that your website offers clients a simple form that allows them to reach you if they have any mortgage enquiries. Utilising Your Website

If you can take a moment to feedback to them and establish a dialogue, then you’ve already begun to develop preview leads.

2. Make Sure Your Ads Reach the Right Buyers

Sometimes it can seem as though you are spending thousands of pounds on advertising for lead generation, but just not finding qualified mortgage leads with a great credit score. Unless you work with an experienced lead generation company, identifying the right strategies can be challenging…

Start Local and Discover the Strategies that Work

An effective way to start connecting with the right buyers is by building a foundation of local clients and establishing yourself as the one broker they can go to, whatever mortgage type they need. Start by building awareness in local publications and advertise your services in online trade platforms.

It’s also worth sharing your knowledge and writing articles on your own website as well as for other organisations and companies. That way you’ll continue to establish your expertise as a mortgage business, build local brand awareness and develop the potential for lead generation. Local Strategies For More Leads

Don’t underestimate the value of paper mailing and working directly with local businesses to get referrals. When you want to reach the right buyers and get their feedback, there’s no better place to start than right outside your door.

Ensure Your Profile is up to Date

Another great way to ensure that potential clients see you as their mortgage broker of choice is to make sure that your online presence is consistent and up to date across all platforms.

You’ll build trust and SEO value if your profile is professional, and the more buyers that contact you, the more opportunity you’ll have to gather feedback and refine your advertising strategy and content.

3. Personalise Your Professional Network and Build Referrals

Your Business Needs a Network

Mortgage brokers can’t work in isolation. A significant element of your lead generation should be coming from the networks that you establish. Companies offering mortgage advice, remortgage leads for rental property or routes to equity release are all valuable organisations to partner with.

Networking For Lead Generating

Having a successful mortgage adviser in your network will extend the level of mortgage advice you can offer to your own clients, adding value to your services. Partnering with local estate agents and solicitors will help your company improve its mortgage lead generation potential and decrease the need to buy leads of lower value.

Referrals are Your Route to Success in the Mortgage Industry

By making yourself visible, and by offering value within your network, your chance of gaining valuable referrals greatly increases. You can do this by attending relevant events in person, offering free drop-in consultations, joining local business organisations and even hosting regular events.

If you can establish a reputation as a trustworthy and community-minded broker who can add value to local businesses, you’ll be well on your way to developing a strong reputational foundation. To put it simply, online leads will follow once local referrals start flooding in.

4. Stop Wasting Time on Ineffective Mortgage Lead Generation

Even if you’ve got all these elements in place, you might find that you’re not getting the organic mortgage enquiry volume that you need. If you’re a small mortgage broker struggling to manage your workflow, then perhaps you recognise the following barriers to growth:

  • Your marketing is inconsistent and you don’t know if it’s targeting the right buyers
  • Your team is stretched between cold calling new leads, trying to follow up on unqualified buyers and working with existing clients
  • The cost per lead is resulting in poor profit margins

Lead generation can be a challenge, and potential clients are hard to find unless your workflow contains the right balance between automation and personal connection.Time Wasters Disappear

Generating Mortgage Leads Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge

At myleadmachine, we’ve spent £10,000’s developing a complete mortgage lead generation system to support your business and help you build your brand. Most importantly, it doesn’t involve cold calling, a huge spend on untargeted adverts or rely on manual emailing.

If you’ve got those local building blocks in place, and your network is working for you, then adding this process will build mortgage leads and save you £1000’s in wasted opportunities.

Pre Qualified Leads at Your Fingertips

Mortgage brokers rely on high quality mortgage leads, and by working with Myleadmachine you’ll have access to pre-qualified, super-responsive buyers in 30 days or less. When you work with us, we’ll identify and reach out to prospects who are in the market within the next 3 months and can afford a mortgage.

Great news for you, and for your network too.Qualified Appointments

When you use our process, every buyer you speak to will already have had personal communication from you and will be expecting your call, so you can guarantee that each one will be a positive, responsive and engaged mortgage lead. As a result, you’ll be able to plan your day around appointments you know are worth developing, and make sure you get the most out of every opportunity.New Business

Conversion Rates

Working with us, you’ll wake up to pre-booked and qualified leads, meaning that you can compete with other brokers and increase your share of the market.

Our streamlined and sophisticated process means more leads and more income. With conversion rates between 25% – 35%, the Myleadmachine process not only increases your turnover but gives you the opportunity to work on other income generating activities in the time you’re saving.

5. A Highly Customisable and Effective Mortgage Appointment Setting System Made for You!

When you work on appointment setting on your own, the chances are you’ll end up exhausted by the process and missing out on the leads that really count.

Never Miss an Opportunity

If you’re struggling to make these tips and tricks work for you, and the tactics you’re using to generate high quality mortgage leads aren’t giving you the income you need, then maybe it’s time to use our 4-step process and see a higher success rate across multiple paid advertising platforms.Four Step Process

Our copy and paste advertising campaigns are profitable from day one, making lead qualification easy. Instead of struggling to follow up with clients, our pre-built automated follow-up system will manage 90% of your client emails for you, saving you £1000’s in lost revenue and helping you generate £1000’s more.


Qualified appointments are vital, and it’s important that brokers get the right advice about how to achieve them. As long as your processes are consistent, you show your authority and the advice you offer helps develop outstanding relationships, you’ll be well on your way to achieving some amazing results!


High Quality Mortgage Leads

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